Starry Stuff! Part 2

Hello chaps! Obi wan from Star Wars I've made my return just like Voldy in Harry Potter or Palpatine in Star Wars (delayed spoiler alert) though my cause isn't taking over the wizarding world or ruling the galaxy, my cause is the noble one of spreading knowledge. So, yes, we're gonna be talking about stars … Continue reading Starry Stuff! Part 2

Starry Stuff – Part 1

Hi Hello! I'm back after more than a month. Your worst nightmares have not been realised, cause I'm still here. Sorry for the massive delay but I was super busy, lazy and I posted a lot on my other site. Now, a while ago, someone asked me to "shed light" on stars. So, here it … Continue reading Starry Stuff – Part 1

Thrilling Theories – The Universe Part 5

The Theory of Everything, a theory which exists only in legend. A fabled theory that would unify all four fundamental forces-gravity, electromagnetism and the nuclear forces (strong and weak), thus unifying all of physics and bridging the gap between quantum mechanics and general relativity, the 2 pillars of the 20th century. One theory to explain … Continue reading Thrilling Theories – The Universe Part 5